A good day!

Dear Diary,

As you can see from my facebook status, I’ve had a productively event-filled day. :)


Dear Diary,

It’s weird being clean-shaven, I gotta say … First time I’ve shaved in something like 6 months to a year. Although I’m a tad follically-challenged, with it being pretty short where there’s hair (d’oh – obviously! *slaps head*) it’s amazing what a difference 5mm around the sides makes. Erm. That’s not a euphemism, btw. I feel naked without my beardy protecting me! 100% baldy-power, recharged by the sun today. :D

Chopped onions, preparing the dish for consumption [NB: dish best served warm]

Dear Diary,

I bet you’re surprised to hear from me so soon?

I know that I’m not the most reliable of folk in relation to punctuality or keeping in touch; I have a proclivity for being easily distracted, which in addition to procrastination, happens not to be the best combination of behavioural patterns out there. I will be making more of a concerted effort to log more of my experiences, so that I may more accurately determine where to focus my energies to aid my recovery.

Creation of habitual change

Dear Diary,

After acknowledging that, left to my own devices in the flat, I’m unlikely to make productive use of my time, I thought it pertinent to try another venue, the Creation Café. In the flat, forget it … out of the flat, so much easier. I spent about 3 hours, maybe 4, with my textiles folder working on some sample pieces I’d began working on in Start In Salford.

No sleep, no medication

Dear Diary,

I’ll get straight to the point: Saturday was horrendous!

I’d not slept, forgotten my medication Friday and Saturday morning and so this lead on to ridiculous volatility on my mood, over and above the usual flat as a steamrollered pancake that serves as my emotional base. Whoo!

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