Your failure as an artist begins the day you look around and start doing what everybody’s telling you to do.

Like this:

Amanda Palmer

The only reason we should look back is to learn, to learn together. Experiences should teach us, not devastate us with guilt, fear, anger or blame for others.
Andreas Toupadakis

World Mental Health Day

Dear Diary,

It’s a little late, however I thought I’d comment on it: World Mental Health Day. I attended an event at Pendleton Gateway on Friday, for the Celebrating Diversity community group. I went up to the front to let everyone know that FINALLY the government has agreed on setting up designated waiting times to access mental health services.

If you have a physical illness, such as cancer, then you are provided with mandated waiting times to be seen, however with mental health this hasn’t been the case! Many people were waiting up to 18 month just to be seen for an initial appointment!

A good day!

Dear Diary,

As you can see from my facebook status, I’ve had a productively event-filled day. :)


Dear Diary,

It’s weird being clean-shaven, I gotta say … First time I’ve shaved in something like 6 months to a year. Although I’m a tad follically-challenged, with it being pretty short where there’s hair (d’oh – obviously! *slaps head*) it’s amazing what a difference 5mm around the sides makes. Erm. That’s not a euphemism, btw. I feel naked without my beardy protecting me! 100% baldy-power, recharged by the sun today. :D

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