“I will NEVER back down when bullied. Ramp up the heat, by all means, but don’t expect to not be burnt by having shit reflected back if it’s being thrown in my direction—I’ll forensically chunk the points down and rip them to bits. It seems that the bullies don’t like being strategically outplayed in the game where they think they wrote the rules of engagement. When the gloves come off after being provoked, there are no rules.”

Like this:

The Baldy-Llama

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Dear Diary,

I’ve slowed down, so much since earlier. every tiny movement is so hard. I’d been holding back tears from the pain and ache, as the slightest movement, even of the fingers or swallowing sets off a pain in the nerve. I need to lie down, I hope it eases off, I really do, it’s too much. I hate painkillers, but I’ll have to look for them and hope they even take the slightest edge off it. I’m getting the start of a migraine in the right eye now, so had better stop typing.

An Egyptian Weeble wobbles down the road…

Dear Diary,

Have you been in so much pain from so many areas at the same time that you’re in a place between laughter and crying, but really failing on the crying bit? I don’t really know how to suitable explain it, however, so I may as well leave it there. Yeah, right…

“When we are mindful of the power of intimate connection, it becomes easier to prioritise our time in a way that lets us to savour our connection with loved ones more fully. And any circumstance that brings us back to this awareness is indeed a great blessing.

“Don’t wait for a life-threatening situation to remind you of what really matters in life: Seize the moment. You never know how many more you’ll have.”

Like this:

from a “Psychology Today” article I read in May 2014

Creative Process

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was a good day, hard work, at times, but good, nonetheless. Backtracking slightly, let me start with Thursday night, I posted about moving on, detailing my thoughts at the time.

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