No sleep, no medication

Dear Diary,

I’ll get straight to the point: Saturday was horrendous!

I’d not slept, forgotten my medication Friday and Saturday morning and so this lead on to ridiculous volatility on my mood, over and above the usual flat as a steamrollered pancake that serves as my emotional base. Whoo!

You’ve Got Mail …

Dear Diary,

Thanks again for your patience, I’m now making more of a concerted effort to write about the issues that I face on a daily basis, one of the most omnipotent being avoidance. I admit it’s an issue frequently, yet I don’t do much about it… lolz.

It’s been a long time, shouldn’t have left you …

Dear Diary,

I would like to apologise for my rather striking neglect of you over the last few months. I’ve been a bit of a meanie to you, haven’t I? Shall we kiss and make up? Why thank you, my dear, I missed you. It’s as if we hadn’t parted way for even a second, my sense of belonging with you in the here and now is somewhat refreshing for me.

Moving forward

Dear Diary,

As part of my recovery, I need to lead a more holistically balanced lifestyle, where my thoughts need to be more in-line for this to be achieved. I’d firstly like to express my gratitude towards all my friends past & present, for having put up with me! I’ve often been selfish, thoughtless, a tad outspoken or hidden away, cutting myself off. I would like to say a big thank you to you all for having been there. I cannot enunciate how grateful I am to have been or currently be part of your lives.

Hopefully things might be a bit better from now on

Dear Diary,

I’d firstly like to apologise to you for having neglected you for the last few weeks, as I’d been having a hard time. Consequently, I’d been disinclined to do much of anything, let alone blog I realise now that this was somewhat counterproductive as I’d been bottling my feeling up inside. I started this blog in an attempt at providing myself with some form of outlet for these pent-up thoughts floating through my mind. I say floating, perhaps a better description might be that of driftwood in a storm, banging against the sides of a small boat out to sea. The captain of this little boat was struggling to both stay afloat and commandeer a journey home without oars.

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